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Industrial packaging

Industrial packaging in plastic, you see them in production halls, warehouses, workshops, laboratories, catering establishments ... In this "Industrial Packaging" section you will find a very wide choice of sustainable, reusable and recyclable containers, from large to very small, suitable for filling, portioning, reconditioning and ready-for-sale packaging of liquids and solids.

Those who process liquids and liquid ingredients in large quantities quickly reach for the intermediate bulk containers (IBC). These large-volume tanks have a capacity of 300 to 1000 litres and are also available for AdBlue applications. We also offer a wide range of sealable drums, bonded drums, jerrycans and water tanks. Our range includes jerrycans for both liquid foodstuffs and petrol.

If you want to portion and fill up liquids, ingredients, additives and other goods, including foodstuffs, you will find our PACK series with numerous plastic buckets, UNIPAK with transparent pots and buckets, and PACKO, sturdy pots with screw lids. Smaller cylindrical bottles for use with pumps, atomisers or standard caps also belong to the Packaging range of Plastibac, e.g. for hand soaps, gels and other care products. A little more pharmaceutical and research-oriented is the range of wide-mouth jars and sampling bottles.

Professional packaging, filling and transporting of goods? Plastibac can undoubtedly help you out. Contact us by phone or via info@plastibac.eu
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